Best Business Casual Shoes For Men


Business casual is the trickiest dress code in footwear. Business casual is smarter than smart-casual but less buttoned-up than all-out business. It is where you are trying to achieve between a sophisticated and relaxed way. Below are some of the best business-casual shoes for men.

Suede Derby

The Derby shoe is the laid-back cousin of the Oxford, a businesswear mainstay. It comes down to the laces while they flap open when undone with the Derby. You can further relax the style with a suede Derby finish to take the edge off the polished leather.

Minimalist Sneakers

Over the last decade, sneakers have smartened up substantially, and have slowly crept off from the tennis court and into the office. Your sneakers should be sober so you would not waltz into work on a walking billboard wearing big-logo sweats. Focus on sneakers with a quality leather finish and exquisite clean silhouettes. Opt for soft, supple leathers with rubber soles for extra comfort and tonal laces to enhance the simplicity.

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Contrast Sole Brogues

When it comes to different shoe types, a pair of brogues is one of the few styles that you can rely on. You can spot a pair of brogues by the lining of the leather and ornamental patterns perforating of the shoe. The brogue, despite such over-wrought fanciness, is an ever-popular shoe around the office, possibly owing to its eye-catching ability while keeping your look smart simultaneously.

Penny Loafers

Unlike the other loafers, the penny loafer differs by the strip of leather that sits across the front with a diamond cut-out detail. And they are all about fit. The best thing about penny loafers is that they should barely slip at the back and not too tight across the instep.

Oxford Boots

This boot is an extension of the straight-laced version of Oxford shoes. It has the same in design and shape with limited stitching except across the toe cap and sometimes running horizontally to the eyelets. The Oxford boots have extra leather to cover up ankles, which makes them a harder shoe alternative during winter months. Plus, it is a more casual get-up that you can pair with jeans when your Oxford shoe would look out of place.

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Chukka Boots

The chukka boots were thought to have originated from the footwear worn by players except that it hit the ground running when legendary style icon the Duke of Windsor wore a pair on his US trip in 1924. After almost a hundred years later, this hardwearing, low-key boot is still being worn by many. Their main ingredient is the three pieces of leather tied up by two or three eyelets.

Chelsea Boots

The quintessential business casual boot, Chelsea boots, found their reputation in the 1960s, among the well-heeled party scene in the west London borough.

Monk Strap Shoes

It was created as an adaptation of the monk’s sandal for when they needed a closed-toe shoe to protect their tootsies during manual labor. The Monk Strap Shoes has the casual nature of a slip-on with the polished leather and pointed toe, leaning it towards the business side of things. Keep in mind that single monk strap shoes are an understated choice, while the double monks are more distinctive.

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