Best Front Pocket Wallets For Men


When it comes to getting the best front pocket wallet for men, you should choose something that can effortlessly slide into your jeans, built from quality materials, suits your unique lifestyle, as well as can keep all your cash and cards neatly organized. Here are a few of the best front pocket wallet you might want to consider.

Tanner Goods Utility Bifold

The Tanner Goods Utility Bifold doesn’t have the cumbersome frills, which will weigh you down. There are four spaces for your cards, so your base is covered. The minimalist front pocket wallet is well known for the durability of its products, and this wallet is made to last.

Made of high-quality materials, this vegetable-tanned leather of this slim bi-fold wallet also comes in four colors. Leather wallets are an excellent option for guys who like to keep things simple. And this wallet comes in a simple design with a single pocket for bills, and the sleek outer face of the wallet.

Billykirk Slim Card Case

While most guys would use a slimmer wallet, this wallet, specially designed for cards, is a step above the rest. Since this is just a card wallet, it doesn’t open up. It has only two pockets, one for cards, and the other is for cash, which is a slightly larger measure to ensure that it can accommodate some of your bills.

If you’re the guy who relies more on credit cards more than the traditional cash, this leathered slim card case is great for your essentials. The wallet is too slim, though, so you might need another wallet if you happen to travel in a country that uses coins heavily.

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Alpine Swiss Harper

If you want a front pocket wallet in a minimalist look, the Alpine Swiss Harper is another excellent choice for that. It also offers features than you would not expect from a strict money clip. Although it’s slim, it features a clear window for the ID or your photo, as well as an external magnetic money clip. It also comes in different colors. While it’s a leather wallet, the genuine leather it’s made from shouldn’t be expected to hold up for years; however, you can get it for a reasonable price.

Filson Front Pocket Cash Wallet

As a leather front pocket wallet, the quality of this wallet is meant to build to last. The wallet has a rounded edge to conform to either a pant or shirt pocket. Men who need to carry some cash will find that this wallet has plenty of space but is not to lose. Some reviews mentioned that it was a bit too tight, but this is likely due to its leather’s high quality, which needs a bit of time to stretch out.

Rosegal, fashion that never goes out of style

Nisolo Brewer Wallet

For men who can’t afford to give up or still prefer the full functions of a typical wallet, this Nisolo Brewer Wallet is a great choice. It might be quite smaller than a regular wallet, but it has all the key features every guy needs. Plus, aside from several card holder slots on each side, there’s also the main pocket for cash and hidden side pockets on either side. The stitch has a wraparound layer that should ensure that this wallet lasts.

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