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5 Ways To Become An Elegant Man

Krist S Fashion

There comes a moment in men’s lives when they have to be formal in which they need to look at their best version of themselves. And while men try to look great on a suit and to have that sense of elegance, they somehow still fall short. To achieve that sense of elegance, here are the five ways to be an elegant man.

Shave The Beard

Cheeks must be clean-shaven with no stubble present. If you have one of those Duck Dynasty or ZZ Top types of beards, you should apply beard wax and sculpt it to look more presentable. For thick beards, you should trim to look thinner.

A quick tip: If you’re not used to shaving regularly, you should do it at least six hours before the event because the skin will turn reddish, and it needs enough time to return to its natural skin tone.


Practice Good Posture

To become an elegant man, one must present himself with assertiveness. The best thing to do is to stand or sit up straight. Always practice good posture. A slouched shoulders or bent torso convey a feeling of lack of self-esteem and uncertainty. Always keep your back straight and square your shoulders. When walking, keep it natural, and do not lean forward.


Get The Perfect Suit

So, you may have the perfect suit in your closet, but if it has not been cleaned and pressed, it may cause more extra harm than good. Take the time to inspect your suit for any possible areas that need some repairing to do. Frayed threads and loose lining and buttons on the suit are all problems that any tailor can be able to resolve.

However, the last fundamental element to observe that only by purchasing a new suit can fix it is the color fading. To look elegant, a man has to have a suit that pops. So, if the colors are faded, then the presence of the suit will no longer look elegant, but instead, it will cause pity (depending on how bad the color blotches are). There’s no need to spend thousands, though, as many locations offer discounted suits. All you need is a suit that looks perfect on you on any occasion.

Polish Your Leather Shoes

If you never have polished leather, then you should have a professional leather artisan do the job for you and show you how to do so in the future. However, if you are familiar with polishing and buffing your leather shoes, make sure that you give enough time to dry the leather conditioner so as not to transfer any of the cleaners onto your suit.

Get The Right Accessories

Even if you have the perfect and elegant suit, if you have a cheap watch, a three-dollar belt, and a fake leather wallet , then the elegance is compromised. Be sure to use an authentic leather wallet and, if you don’t have a decent watch, go without. Also, try not to pack the real leather wallet full of useless junk, such as business cards, coupons, receipts, and family photos. Only put your cards, money, and license in it.