The Best Of Hoka One One Running Shoes You Can Get For Yourself


Hoka One One is a French athletic shoe company that designs and sells running shoes. It started as the minimalist running shoe trend that went into a maximalist shoe that cradled and cushioned runners’ feet. Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, the founders of Hoka, were inspired by the smooth ride provided by powder skis and mountain bikes that they wanted to make the same floating feel to running.

They began making prototypes and eventually worked with a chemist at a Chinese shoe company to produce a unique kind of EVA foam that was soft and surprisingly lightweight, features that are now trademarks of Hoka kicks.

Hoka One One is the king of cushion, and these shoes we have on our list show what a plush ride can do for any run.

Hoka’s Best Choice For Racing – Evo Rehi

Evo Rehi is a lean, stripped-down, and fast shoe that is designed to assist you in hitting your top speed over short gaps. Its thin, rubberized foam midsole gives light cushioning and supreme energy return for explosive toe-offs, while the midsole is extremely flexible to hold your natural stride. The upper part uses kevlar fibers to keep weight and boost durability, but its tight fit isn’t for everyone.

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Hoka’s Best Choice For Technical Trails – Evo Mafate 2

It is the newest version of the Mafate that is a relatively plush shoe intended to help you control rough, technical trails. Hoko keeps everything fabulous about the original while enhancing the fit and comfort. The rubberized foam midsole gives better cushioning in both heel and forefoot, and the Vibram Megagrip outsole offers lots of bite in the mud and on rocky trails, too.

Hoka’s Most Cushioning Shoe – Bondi 6

It is the most cushioned shoe you can get from the Hoka lineup, with a complete layer of EVA foam securing a downright beefy midsole. And this shoe is one of the company’s top sellers, delivers topmost cushioning for an all-out-plush ride. An open mesh helps it breathe, while the Meta-Rocker sole design will give you the floating feels along mile after miles.

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Hoka’s Best Choice For Long Runs – Mach 3

It is the lighter and faster end of Hoka’s lineup, the Mach 3. Although the latest iteration tacked on some weight, its design mostly continues with the Mach 2. The most notable change is on the upper part: now made from a jacquard fabric that’s intended to produce more structure and a snug fit, and a new tongue for much breathability. Mach’s midsole applies bouncy ProFly cushioning and a Meta-Rocker shape for a sleek, responsive ride. It also keeps the similarly rubberized foam outsole, which gives solid traction in most conditions.

Hoka’s Best Choice For Daily Runs – Clifton 6

The first Clifton is legendary among the fans, and it indicated a turning point for the shoe brand, proving that footwear could produce supreme cushion without being clunky. The Clifton 6 returns to that magic formula—mostly. It’s lighter but still gives a plush ride. A pair of these shoes won’t be a suitable pick for speedwork but is perfect for logging training miles without knocking up your leg.

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